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What is Home Safe-T Proofing?

 Amateur movers will start moving furntiure, without any cosideration to protect your home first. 
Thankfully for you AmericaM Movers are not amateurs. Our service is designed to protect your home from any mishaps that could happen by using various methods that protects your home from floors to doors.

What Does Home Safe-T Proofing Protect?

Not all moves can go as planned. Therefore, mistakes can happen unless you prepare like a pro and take the precautions we do. Most moving companies are not considerate of the costs occurred from damages to your home or apartment from moving accidents. Therefore, it is vital to protect the home if your selling, moving in, renting, or if you would want your damage deposit returned. Before we start moving our team preps your home with various home safety proofing like floor runners, ram jambs, door, rail, and banister covers. 

Here are the protection methods we use:

Floor Runners

Hardwood floors & Carpets

Floor runners, mats, and Masonite boards are layed down to prevent scratches, scuffs, and dirt being tracked in.

Rail Covers

Handrails &

Rail covers and blankets are used to protect against chips, dents, scratches and scuff damage to your bannisters
and rails.

Ram jambs2

Ram jambs are a cardboard cover that fits securely around your doorframe to protect from gouges, scratches, and scrapes to the paint on the doorframe.

Door frames


Moving large and awkward furniture upstairs or switch-backs can be a difficult task, therefore if you are concerned we can hang moving pads from the walls to protect the walls and paint from damage.




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