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Get a Free Quote for Your Move

Preparing for your move in advance will help our team be more efficient with their time. thus, providing a higher accuracy rate for the estimate we provided and a costs associated to your move. By following these helpful tips, we ensure you a more efficient and speedier relocation.

Tips in Advance of Moving Day

Tape all boxes shut and have all lids securely closed on bins and totes:

This process ensures a speedier move and allows our loaders to stack boxes with ease. If we must tape boxes, it shows down the move and adds time to your estimate. Taping boxes correctly makes certain items don’t fall out when carrying or unloading. If the box, you are packing will be heavy make sure to tape the bottom multiple times down the middle and cross ways.

Cavities in boxes

When packing boxes make sure to pack the box so there is no open space at the top, especially with fragile items. Use packing paper, paper towels, blankets, pillow, or whatever you can find to fill the box before closing and taping it shut. If you don’t follow this method our movers won’t know when stacking the boxes. This problem could cause the boxes to cave in on one another, which causes the load to fall over and or squish the other box causing damages to the items inside them.

Pack boxes to no more than 40 lbs

When packing medium or large boxes, try to shoot for a weight range of 30-40 lbs to help prevent injury to you or your moving team. You also run the risk of the box becoming damaged or falling apart if it is overloaded.

Fragile items in boxes:

To help our movers protect fragile items you packed, make sure to identify those boxes with either fragile stickers or write on top of box Top Load/ Fragile.

Organize boxes and small items

By organizing small boxes and light items you can carry into one area by the door entrance or garage will help speed up the move. This simple request will decrease time in the move, while saving you money.

Loose items

Gather all loose items you can and place them in a large box. This method saves time from the guys having to carry a bunch of random small items to and back out of the truck.

Gas & Propane

By law moving companies are not allowed to transport items with gas or propone.
Before moving day please take out any propane connected to your barbecues. Also, empty out any gas in lawnmowers, weedwhackers, pressure washers, etc. Following this procedure will have your items ready for transport when the movers arrive. Anything not prepared will have to be either denied or take time added time until
the gas is emptied.


Label or tag with colored tape any items that are not going, being sold or donated.
This method will decrease confusion and help expedite the move.

Electronic box

When packing take all your remotes, batteries, cords, and small electronics and pack them into one box this way you can know where everything is and start setting up your electronics right away.

Hygiene pack

If you’re planning to move out of state or moving your stuff into storage, you should pack a hygiene pack with all your products you’ll need.


All valuables like jewelry, money, coins, guns, and collectibles should always be packed away and placed in a secure spot. These items should only be transported
by you and you only.


Before the movers arrive reserve parking by placing your vehicles in a space large enough for a 26 ft moving truck. You might need two vehicles to reserve this large of space if you have them. If you live in an apartment complex speak with the managers about reserving space for your moving team in advance.


If you live in a building that has elevators, make sure to reserve and schedule a time frame for the movers to load and or unload. If they have a freight elevator onsite make sure to request using it for your move. Freight elevators are larger in space which allows the movers to move bigger items freely and prevents the possibility of damage to your belongings. Reserved elevators cuts down time movers have to wait for others to use. This in turn reduces the cost on your bill.

Trees, hills, and electrical lines

For families who live out in the country or areas that are difficult for large trucks to travel to. You should inform us or look for any low-lying tree limbs or electrical lines that our truck could knock down. For safety of our driver please inform us if there are steep hills, drop offs, or tight turns leading up to your home. By letting us in know in advance we can plan for these conditions.

Preparations for Moving Day

Reserve Parking

Make sure to have a parking space reserved for our truck. Use your personal vehicle, cones, or whatever you can find to reserve space. Our trucks are 26ft in length so you need to reserve at least 30 feet of space for them to operate in.

Clear pathways

Have clear pathways in your home. Remove any clutter or trip hazards to increase a speedier and safe move.


Keeps pets locked away or outside. This helps movers from tripping or letting the pets out on accident. Which in turn keeps everyone including our fury friends safe.

Someone in charge

Always have someone onsite during your move who can provide your team with instructions. It’s best to have the same person who knows exactly what you need done. Otherwise to many chefs in the kitchen will prepare the wrong ingredients
for a successful move.

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